Watch why this video on PM Modi’s ‘Do Saal Bura Haal’ has gone viral


A video titled ‘ Do Saal Bura Haal’ loosely translated as ‘unbearable condition in two years’ has gone viral on social media platforms particularly on Facebook.

The 4 minutes and a bit long video hasearch intelligently used graphics and excerpts of old statements and interviews of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his friend Amit Shah to illustrate what it claimed glaring hypocrisy in the current government’s stand on several issues.

The issues such as price rise, price of petroleum products and India’s stand towards China and Pakistan had dominated the public speeches and tweets of PM Modi as he mounted challenge to Dr Manmohan Singh’s premiership in 2014.

However, the video says that Modi has performed spectacular U-turns on all issues he often targetted the then UPA government on.

It appears that the video was posted on on YouTube during the two year anniversary of Modi government but it has gained sudden traction now.

Here are some comments to video on Facebook:

Vinayakan Kuruvath: Stupid congress had become too lethargic to counter the BJP onslaught on social media. This is a good one though. Unlike BJP propaganda, they don’t need to lie or misrepresent.

KB KB : Great move by Congress. I think Prashant Kishore started working ?

Adarsh Sena : What video said: BJP’s reality
What bhakts saw: You are a Khangressi.

Siddharth Kumar: Excellent compilation.. 2 years in 2 minutes. Hype vs reality.
The script could have been more interesting, had they added incident of Dadri, kairana fake Exodus Rohit Vemula, JNU controversy, Dalit attacks and last but not the least hate speeches by BJP leaders.

Jawedul Hasan : This is how the Congress should counter Modi. 99% of his statements are lies, Congress needs to encash this.

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  1. while the CEO may be making earnest efforts 2 give a new direction,his statements B4 2014 compared with what is being done now is dragging him down along with all the wrong public statements & action of hot headed members of his team.we are a total failure in the Paki front as everyday we r losing innocent members of our forces 2 terrorist bullet & we only biryani,cricket,embrace,ghazal?lets keep our fingers crossed as post 2017 we may get caught in painful situations @ economic front. B.O.L

  2. 4000 views in 2 months and you call it viral? 🙂
    Everything in that video is true and it must be shared widely. But because it comes from Congress and because Congress has lost all legitimacy in the eyes of the people, this video too did not travel.
    People in rural need to be told about the distress and joomla becaue they are living it. Unfortuanetly they are not on FB or twitter to share this and make it go ‘viral’. So this will end up as yet another ‘english’ video meant for an ‘english knowing’ audience, who anyway care two hoot about rural distress. Unfortunately.

  3. The effect of price rise of FOOD GRAINS is due to drought conditions of the last two years in the country. The FUEL prices are managed so that the consumption is kept under check. no comments on the issues related to POLITICS.

  4. Very good. I have not seen a Government every now and then U turning. Their criticism is now used against them so easily. It’s shame.


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