WATCH: Rahul Gandhi finally reveals why he hugged Modi in parliament


Congress President Rahul Gandhi was in Chennai’s Stella Maris College, where he held an interactive session with the students. At the end of his interaction, it was clear that not only did the Congress president win alot of hearts, but may also have won their votes in this year’s Lok Sabha polls.

Rahul Gandhi

One of the noteworthy moments of the Q&A session was when a girl, who identified herself as Azra, rose to ask her question. However, even before she could ask her question, Gandhi interrupted to ask her not to address him as ‘Sir.’ “Call me Rahul,” he said leaving the student from the Department of Finance blushing. The audience welcome Gandhi’s humility with a loud cheering.

Another student asked the Congress president why he had not spoken about his brother-in-law Robert Vadra, who is facing corruption charges for money laundering. Pat came Gandhi’s reply, “What about Vadra?” He then went on to answer the question, “What about him? The Government has every right and should investigate every single person and the law should apply to everybody. No problem.”

He, however, argued that the law must not be applied ‘selectively.’ He added, “The prime minister of the country has his name in government documents which are saying that he has been directly responsible for holding parallel negotiations with the Dassault company on Rafale. The CBI Director at 1.30 at night is sacked. The Supreme Court says ‘Bring the man back.’ The man is brought back. The prime minister sacks him again. The President of France says ‘the prime minister of India has told me personally in a meeting that Mr Anil Ambani should get the Rafale contract. Nothing is happening.”

He also took a potshot at Prime Minister Narendra Modi for never entertaining any unscripted two-way conversations. Gandhi asked, “How many times have you seen the prime minister of India standing in the middle of 3,000 women like this?” The crowd responded with a thunderous applause and cheering.

Gandhi continued, “How many times have you seen the prime minister of India standing here like this, being open to any questions from anybody?” Once again, he was welcomed with loud applause. Gandhi did not stop as he fired another question, “How many of you have had the opportunity to ask the prime minister about what he thought about about education? Why doesn’t the prime minister have the guts to come and stand in front of 3,000 women and be questioned by them?”

Later, several girls were seen showing their admiration for Gandhi with many appearing to be in awe of the Congress president for his humility and ability to take even difficult questions.

One student asked why he (Gandhi) had chosen to hug PM Modi in the parliament last year. In response, he said that he felt that Modi’s anger emanated from the fact that he had never been loved in his life.



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