Watch ‘math wizard’ BJP MLA, who’s counted condoms, bones and cigarette ‘pieces’ on JNU campus


This BJP MLA is an envy to mathematicians around the world. His attention to detail is impeccable.

Gyandev Ahuja says 2000 bottles of liquor and 3000 condoms are used on the JNU campus every day. The genius politician has also counted number of bones thrown out by students after they’ve eaten non-veg food.

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He said 50,000 pieces of bones, 500 used abortion injections and 10,000 cigarette ‘pieces’ were found on the campus adding that the JNU girls and boys danced naked at cultural programmes.

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Ahuja is the same BJP lawmaker, who recently demanded the execution of the Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi.

You can also watch and admire the intellect of this math wizard.

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(Video: courtesy ANI)


  1. Hahaha! Mantriji you should have brought the evidence and held it up to the camera to prove your point. Without evidence, we find your mooch and brows very distracting! Can’t concentrate on the numbers ya know!


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