(MUST WATCH) Anthem of ‘The Intolerants’ on ‘perverse-isms poisoning the discourse’


Concerned youth have spoken out about the ‘perverse-isms poisoning the discourse’ in this country along with cow science, malleable police, lynch mobs, twitter trolls, fake videos, fake news channels and made up history.

A newly formed group, which identifies itself as Digital Owl Network, has come out with a video to emphasise the theme of unity amongst diversity and the fact that 1.3 billion people have the hope to be led as one people and one nation with their heads held high.

The incredibly bold and moving message of tolerance, unity and disdain to politics of hate will leave you spell-bound.

To watch the video on Facebook, you can click here.

On YouTube you can watch the video below

Here’s the anthem of ‘The Intolerants’ about the current politics of hate being propagated by politicians keen to extract the much-needed electoral mileage.

Don’t you dare
Spread your poisonous ware
Through your perverse isms.
That makes us see
Through a twisted prism.

Shallow are the ways of men
Who can only divide
With law, antics and the pen.

Who the police use
To light a fuse
Who their bigoted armies use
To lynch and abuse

Who troll you on twitter
With words
shameful and bitter

Go get a life
India is not for you
To create Strife.

We reject your world view
You can flash your police
And your trolls
And your mobs
And your lawyers.

You can come sabering
With your armies of unreason
With your cow science
fake videos
And Fake news channels.

But know this
That we are 1.3 billion people
Give or take a few.
We are

We are

We are

We are a million other.. This and That.

But we sail on one boat
one planet
one solar System

So divide us not
With poison tongues.
With false demons
With baseless rumors
With innuendoes
With made up history.

1.3 billion people
Have a long way to go.

We have common villains
To worry about.

Hunger, illiteracy, poverty
and so many more.

We are 500 million youth
Who need jobs and growth.

Most of all we need hope.
We need the hope
That we can be led
As one people
As one nation

Into a common future
Where the law is equal
Where we can walk
With our heads held high

Where we will not be looked upon
As black or white
As Mizo or oriya
As Hindu or Muslim
As this or that
But as humans.

Where we will have the wisdom
To help the weak
And the unwanted.

Where our minds will be free to dream

And soar.
Into that freedom

We have to go.


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