Watch here: Dimple Yadav hits out at Modi, remarks “Mere angne mein tumhara kya kam hai”


In UP assembly elections, the wife of chief minister Akhilesh yadav and Samajwadi party’s MP from Kannauj has emerged as a new big political star. Dimple in her speeches is not losing any chance to hit out at Prime minister Modi.

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Dimple in her Allahabad rally said, while hitting out at Modi that his criticism only comes wherever there is work in country and he wants to defame without any reason.

Dimple quoted the old song “Mere angne mein tumhara kya kam hai, jo hai kam wala wahi to badnam hai” to make a sarcasm at Modi.

She said only those devoted to  work are put to bad light. She received a huge applause for her remark. For your information, Dimple has emerged as one of the most popular leaders in the elections to have faced public gatherings. Earlier she would avoid public gathering.

Its noteworthy that during 2009 elections Dimple was defeated by Congress candidate Raj Babbar in Faizabad. But after three years when Akhilesh Yadav resigned from Kannauj seat she won an unopposed seat from here.

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