Watch Arvind Kejriwal sack his minister on corruption charge


Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal on Friday announced the sacking of his Minority Affairs Minister Asim Ahmed Khan on a charge of seeking a Rs 6 lakh bribe from a builder, and promptly handed the case over to the CBI.

Kejriwal, whose Aam Aadmi Party registered a landslide win in the Delhi elections in February on the anti-corruption plank, also said that even if his son was found indulging in corruption he too would not be spared.

Asim Khan later told media that he was a victim of some conspiracy hatched by his opponents. He said he will reveal what he termed was the real story on Saturday.

Watch what Arvind Kejriwal had to say.


  1. Spokes person of major political parties in India have adopted corruption as a part of their culture. These are the most shameless and notorious characters who finds it perfectly fit to criticise oppositions no matter how great and noble their actions and defend the most heinous crimes of their own party. These are most obnoxious beasts who look like humans.


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