Was there murder, don’t discuss about one scuffle, says Modi’s MoS (Home) on Patiala House Court attacks


Another minister in Narendra Modi government has kicked up a fresh controversy by making what many would say utterly flippant and insensitive remarks on the assaults by lawyers inside the premises of the Patiala House court on Monday.

Kiren Rijiju on Tuesday was reminded about the ‘irony’ that Modi government was quick to arrest the JNU students union leader Kanhaiya Kumar just based on allegations of anti-India slogans but the same cops were disgracefully silent spectator to the crime being perpetrated in their presence.

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The Minister of State (Home) told CNN-IBN, “Was there a murder. There may be physical fight but it will not amount to sedition. There are different layers of laws to deal crimes with different intensity… Don’t discuss about one scuffle.”

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Such flippancy from a cabinet minister whose ministry is expected to look after the rule of law in Delhi is bound to evoke more angry reactions from people, who have already been very critical of both the police crackdown in the JNU and the subsequent attacks on journalists inside Patiala House Court.

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Meanwhile, the Supreme Court Chief Justice is expected to hear host of petitions later today. This includes the petition filed by over 800 journalists, who marched from the Press Club of India to the Supreme Court on Tuesday against the attacks on media persons.


  1. It is surprising that Home Office now started to transfer ACB head to different place. This are the tack-ticks of Govt. whem they feel unsafe they start moving their top official…

  2. There was murder alright, no wonder they cannot see it! Murder of free speech, dissent, opposing opinion and constitution.


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