Rahul Gandhi taunts Modi govt on MNREGA, says listening to Jaitley was as if he was listening to Chidambaram

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Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi has hit out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi asking to explain the nation on number of jobs he created in the last one year.

Speaking in Lok Sabha, he taunted the Modi government for first ridiculing MNREGA, a scheme created by Congress-led UPA to guarantee minimum employment in rural areas before adopting it as their own.

He said listening to Jaitley was as if he was listening to Chidambaram.

He also slammed Modi government for ‘suffocating dalits’ as was evident in the case of Rohith Vemula.

Gandhi also criticised the central government for stifling freedom of speech by slapping sedition charges as it did against the JNU students leader Kanhaiya Kumar.

Here are the highlights:

  • Modi ji had promised that he will put people with black money behind bars, now they have come up with way to save those people
  • They launched a “Fair & Lovely” yojana, to convert black money to white money
  • Before elections Modi ji said Dal is 70 Rs/Kg and he promised to bring down prices,but now Dal is 200 Rs/Kg
  • Namaskar, apne suna nahin, fair and lovely yojna ke baare Mein Bol raha tha
  • Gandhi is ours and Savarkar is yours? Why are you agitated? Have you dumped Savarkar
  • If you’ve dumped Savarkar, then you did the right thing
  • 40 % JNU students have parets, who earn less than Rs 6000 a month
  • Let me talk about our religion. Where in our religion is it written than we should thrash our teachers?
  • I want to ask Modiji why you didn’t speak a word when teachers and media persons were being thrashed
  • Addressing the treasury bench, Rahul says ‘if you liked what I said, please appreciate by thumping the table.’
  • Your ABVP people showed blag flags at my face. I didn’t get angry. I felt proud that they had the freedom to do so.
  • You cannot protect the Indian flag by destroying relationship among people
  • Mr Prime Minister, do you respect even the feelings of your own ministers. I understand your silence.
  • You’ve been taught by your teachers in the RSS that there’s one truth that matters in universe and that’s your own opinion No one else’s opinion matters.
  • One day he called the Congress president that he had solved Naga crisis. Congress president panicked.
  • She asked me to find out because it had huge ramifications on states of Arunachal, Manipur and Assam.
  • They were all ignorant. Even the home minister had no idea. I’m asking pointed question, did the home minister know about the accord?
  • And most important question, where has the accord gone. Gone with the wind. bye bye accord
  • The then Gujarat chief minister (Modi) chose to visit Pakistan right in the midst of anti-terror operation to hog media limelight. Did he care? No.
  • He (Modi) did not care about anybody, not even his own foreign minister when he visited Lahore out of the blue. For his chai for charcha.
  • He disrespected the national flag, he insulted Indians
  • When I salute the flag, I am not saluting the cloth. I am saluting the relationship the flag represents
  • When I protect flag I protect every single voice,& I protect voices that are weakest. Respecting flag is respecting every opinion
  • Respecting the flag means respecting the opinion of every Indian. When I want to JNU, your ABVP workers showed me black flags
  • Prime Minister can still learn. Listen to Rajnath Singh, Listen to Advaniji, Listen to Sushma Swaraj. Listen to your MPs. Listen to farmers. We are not enemies.
  • They launched Fair and Lovely yojna, to make black money white
  • I’m not from the RSS, so I do make mistakes. Unlike the RSS, I don’t consider myself a complete person, who will never make mistakes


  1. Rahul Gandhi has made mistakes in his speeches a few times but he is sensible unlike the ‘Chikham-Chillaar’ PM who for attention loves to troll Mr. Gandhi every time. He looks matured than what he looked 2-3 years back. I hope being in opposition will give him opportunities to improve and learn more. He will surely be back where he belongs.

    • Yes I believe… the more you see him in opposition the better he will learn… hope to see in opposition for another 15-20 years until he finally learns and gets matured enough for the hold the position of a stronger opposition.

        • If raising your voice for what you feel is correct for India (my perspective) .. makes me a Bhakt .. Yes I am a Bhakt. Regarding Modi Ji.. I really admire him and I feel proud to see him as PM of India. In my personal belief we have got a PM of such a status that the whole world has come to know about our existence and a different perspective has been created. So having such proud feeling as Indian … makes me happy and I just want to say .. that Congress ruled for more than 60 years .. can’t we have him for 10-15 years.. may be India gets the best from him. No body knows about tomorrow.. but for sure .. he is the best at that position. Jai Hind!!

  2. The more you see him (RaGa) in opposition the better he will learn… hope to see in opposition for another 15-20 years until he finally learns and gets matured enough for the hold the position of a stronger opposition.


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