Vote for BJP because it doesn’t believe in violence, BJP chief Amit Shah in Kerala


The BJP president Amit on Wednesday lashed out at the communist party for the attacks on the RSS workers.

Speaking to reporters in Thiruvananthapuram, Shah said that the way to end violence in the state was to elect the saffron party to power because it didn’t believe in violence.

He said, “Those who give us lecture on tolerance,themselves try to suppress an ideology using violent means. Only way to free Kerala from violence is to elect a government that doesn’t believe in violence.”

He was in Thiruvananthapuram to meet the RSS pracharak (full time worker) Amal Krishna, who was hospitalised after being  seriously injured in a BJP-CPM clash two weeks ago.

He said, “Youth RSS worker Amal Krishna is still struggling for life after a political attack against him. Kerala mein kai varshon se humare karyakartaon par hinsak humle Communist party ke dwaara hote hain.”

His visit also came a day after the suspected RSS workers torched the AKG Memorial Library at BP Angadi, near Tirur in Kerala.

The police had arrested two RSS workers in connection with the attack.


  1. Since Congress under Sonia is administered as per the directions of Imperialist Countries i.e. U.S.A and U.K., who are also directing Pakistan, who is following to the last alphabet since last century except in case of Osama Bin Laden. The Nation does not have any option but to back RSS backed BJP to save the Nation from becoming another Iraq or Syria or from becoming Bankrupt like Greece and few European Economies.

    Do not believe a word Naruddin Muddi says……….. He lied about Gujarat development, He lied about Jasodaben, He lied about Godhra riots, He lied about his lower caste (OBC) to get votes when in fact this liar belongs to the upper caste called ‘Modh Ghanchis’ , He lied about women snooping, He lied about Bokharia, He lied about Solanki, He lied about Amit Shah………. He lied about briging black money within 100 days…. He lied about giving Rs. 15 lakhs to every Indian within 100 days…. He lied about NA KHAUNGA.. NA KHAANE DOONGA while allowing Sushma Swaraj, Vasundhara Raje, Raman Singh and Shivaraj Chouhan and his wife to loot the nation and now he lied about Kanhaiya Kumar and doctored his video and audio tapes……… Naruddin Muddi is a serial liar.

    • Naruddin Muddi…..please identify yourself stop barking and please say Baharat Mata Ki Jai…if you are an Indian.
      If not you dont deserve to be in India.

  3. मोदी की डगर पे….. चमाचो दिखाओ चल के |
    ये देश हे हमारा….. पर खा जाओ तुम तल के ||


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