‘Vote better next time’: Adult site Xvideos comes up with perfect reply to India’s #Pornban


On Saturday, many Indians were made aware of the fact that they could no longer watch porn in the country. Not in their homes either.

As many as 857 porn sites had been ordered to be blocked by the Communications Ministry, it later emerged.

Twitter users vented out in huge numbers under the hashtag ‘#pornban’.

However, one of these websites which was also blocked by ‘competent Indian authorities’ has now come up with the best sarcastic response directed at the Indian government.

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Xvideos.com, which claims on its Twitter page to be the most visited porn site in the world, suggested Indians should vote for a better party next time or else they wouldn’t be able to enjoy adult movies in their homes.

Ironically, the ban on porn in India comes only a month after the Supreme Court noted during the hearing of a child pornography ban petition that it was ‘not illegal to watch porn within the four walls of one’s house.’

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Congress advt 2

Some websites that aren’t directly catering to porn but have adult humour content such as collegehumor.com, have also been banned.

And they have come up with a befitting reply to the Indian government. Check it out yourself!

Some of these reasons were indeed funny as reported by Twitter users who could check the site.

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