Vishwas launches veiled attack against Kejriwal, Delhi CM describes him as family


A video of AAP leader, Kumar Vishwas, targetting the country’s leaders including Delhi chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal, in the backdrop of the unrest in Jammu and Kashmir has now gone viral. Vishwas’s video is widely being seen as a veiled attack on his party chief and Delhi chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal.

vishwas attack kejriwal

Vihswas said, “Our focus is mostly on our leaders instead of our issues. Modi-Modi, Arvind-Arvind, Rahul-Rahul, yeh saare bas kuch saal rahenge, par desh 5,000 saal ka hai (Modi-Modi, Arvind-Arvind, Rahul-Rahul. This will last for just few years, but the country is of 5,000 years old).”

However, his video was tweeted by Kejriwal, who wrote, “Bohot shandaar video. Andar tak hilaa deta hai. Zaroor dekhein (Amazing video that will shake you up. You must watch).”

Vishwas’s video came just days after a video of CRPF jawans being manhandled in Kashmir surfaced. This was then followed up by surfacing of another video of a Kashmiri youth being tied to an army jeep and paraded for 26 kms in nine villages.

Post AAP’s defeat in Goa and Punjab, there have been speculations on simmering tension between Vishwas and the senior leadership in Aam Aadmi Party.

There are reports that Vishwas is not happy with how he was sidelined from the party’s campaign team in the two states that went to polls in February. He was sent to Goa but, according to sources close to Vishwas, it was a case of too-little-too-late.

The party suffered a humiliating defeat in Goa and could only get 20-odd seats in 70-seat Punjab assembly.

In the video, Vishwas also targetted the governments for neglecting the interests of farmers, many of whom have been committing suicides due to their failure to repay loans. He reminded how one farmer had committed suicide during their rally in Delhi’s Jantar Mantar in 2015.

He said, ““Hum jantar mantar pe baithe the. Hamare saamne bhi ek kisaan phaansi pe jhool gaya tha. Hamein bhi neend aana bandh hogayi thi. Lekin kya ispe koi corrective measures utha sakta hai? (We were agitating at Jantar Mantar. One farmer committed suicide right before us. We too had lost sleep over it. But did any one of us take any corrective measure?”

Kejriwal, meanwhile, has rubbished the suggestion that Vishwas had used the video to target him. He told a news channel on Saturday that the poet-politician was a part of his family.



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