Violent protests in Bihar’s Vaishali as police attempt to demolish temple


Bihar’s Vaishali district saw a violent clash between the locals and the police after the cops arrived in the area to enforce a court’s order to demolish a temple.

Angry local residents clashed with police and set their vehicles on fire. A sub-inspector rank officer Sanjay Kumar’s rifle was snatched and he was severely beaten.

According to an ANI report, the injured are being treated in a hospital in the city.

This was the second attempt by the police to implement court order. On the previous occasion, when the police went with the district magistrate to demolish the temple, they were met with angry protests.

Both Hindus and Muslims reportedly came together to protest the attempted demolition drive of the temple.

The High Court had ordered to demolish the Vasudev temple, but the local residents have complained that the local administration had not presented the real situation before the court.

In the heart of the dispute is the ownership of the land, where the temple is situated. The government says it owns the land, while the residents say the temple land is a privately owned property.


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