Villagers in Dadri agitate after youth commits suicide


A youth committed suicide in Bisara village of Dadri, where the lynching of Mohammed Akhlaq based on a rumour that he had consumed beef, following an announcement from a nearby temple that a cow had been slaughtered in the neighbourhood.

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The residents of the village agitated on Tuesday after this incident.

Jayprakash, 24, reportedly committed suicide because of domestic violence. However, villagers are saying that the police had been harassing Jayprakash allegedly in connection with Akhlaq’s murder.

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Police said, “His name doesn’t figure anywhere in the list of suspects or accused. We didn’t harass him at all. His death is nowhere linked with the investigation of lynching.”

The police also said that they were examining the death and his body would be sent for post-mortem.

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Earlier, police had identified Vishal, Shubham and Rupendra, who made the announcement from the temple last week about beef being stored at Akhlaq’s home.


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