BJP contacts Election Commission over Vijender Gupta’s ‘villainous’ depiction in AAP poster


The Delhi BJP has approached the Election Commission over its MLA Vijender Gupta being depicted in a “distorted and villainous” way by the Aam Admi Party in its election poster.

vijender gupta's villainous depiction
Photo: Hindustan Times

The poster, seen in many parts of the city, carries photos of both Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and Leader of Opposition Gupta and asks voters as to who they would prefer to hold the reins of the municipal corporations.

The MCDs go to polls on April 23.

Gupta met the State Election Commissioner today and lodged a formal complaint seeking action against the AAP.

“The posters show a smiling face of Kejriwal while depict me in a distorted and villainous way,” he said.

Gupta demanded the Election Commission get the posters removed and take action against the AAP.

He said the elections to the municipal bodies are a constitutional requirement and should be taken “seriously” by the AAP.

“These are elections and not a beauty contest to be fought on the photo of leaders,” he said, throwing challenge of an open debate to Kejriwal and the AAP on issues.


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