Shower abuse on me if you must but not my son: Vijay Mallya


Billionaire liquor baron, Vijay Mallya, currently wanted by India authorities for defaulting on more than Rs 7,000 crore loan, has made a passionate appeal to his critics requesting them to not abuse his son Siddhrath Mallya.

He took to twitter to make this appeal, “My son Sid does not deserve all this hatred and abuse. He has had nothing to do with my business. Shower abuse on me if you must but not him. My son Sid @sidmallya does not deserve all this abuse as he had nothing to do with my business. Slam me if you must but not a young man.”

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The news was soon followed by another unfavourable development as the Debt Recovery Tribunal in Bengaluru barred him from withdrawing any money from his severance pay worth $ 75 million that he’s expected to receive from Diageo.

Mallya, who’s believed to be in England, had said that he was ‘most pained’ by being levelled as an absconder by the media.

He had said, “I have neither intention nor any reason to abscond… Personally, I am not a borrower or a judgement defaulter. Legal proceedings apart, I have been making efforts to reach a one-time settlement with the banks, and to that end I have had three meetings and follow up calls in the recent past and my efforts will continue—this settlement would be based on additional payments to the banks.”

Mallya’s groundes Kingfisher Airlines has defaulted on more Rs 7,000 crore and the group of lenders led by State Bank of India have been mounting pressure on him to recover the dues.


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