Vijay Goel’s ‘Save Delhi’ campaign leaves state unit miffed


Union minister Vijay Goel’s announcement to launch ‘Save Delhi’ campaign from today, an event which clashed with birthday celebrations of BJP’s Delhi’s president Manoj Tiwari, has lead to some consternation in the city unit.

“Goel is trying to assert his authority vis a vis state unit and trying to hold a parallel event on Tiwari’s birthday to show his dominance in Delhi affairs,” claimed a Delhi BJP functionary, adding that they have complained with party Chief Amit Shah.

A section of leaders has alleged that Goel was attempting to “undermine” authority of state leadership.

The Delhi unit functionaries are especially annoyed with Goel’s announcement of ‘Save Delhi’ campaign as he did not take the city unit into confidence.

Goel’s ‘Save Delhi’ campaign against “poor” condition of the city due to alleged “neglect and disinterest” of Kejriwal government was scheduled to be launched from his residence at Ashoka Road.

The party leaders and workers close to him were asked to assemble at the same time Manoj Tiwari’s birthday celebrations commenced at Delhi BJP office at Pant Marg.

“What is the logic of this event and its timing. Is it not a show of strength. Does it not give a signal of internal fighting,” said the senior Delhi BJP leader.

Goel could not be reached for his comments.

Some party leaders also accused Goel of involving himself with MCD election preparations and “promising” tickets to his followers.

“In the recently held executive committee meeting at Mukhmelpur village, he openly asked his men to follow him and that he will arrange party tickets for them in municipal elections to be held in April,” they claimed.

Not only this, Goel had also allegedly charged a senior Cabinet minister of Modi government with trying to “evict” him from Delhi politics by offering him Lok Sabha ticket from Merrut and finally sending him to Rajya Sabha from Rajasthan, they claimed.

Goel, a veteran in Delhi politics, also had a say in the new executive of Delhi BJP formed by Manoj Tiwari, as people close to him got posts in the body.

“All these things have been brought to the notice of national party leadership and a complaint also made to Amit Shah. The issue will be taken up after elections in different states,” said the party functionary.


  1. The launch of ‘ save Delhi’ miht have turned out to be a ‘ save BJP’ from internal bickerings. The unnecessary diatribe against AAP might have exposed their own internal feuds and leadership wrangling .


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