Video of voters being forced to vote for number 2 button on EVM in Begusarai goes viral, Kanhaiya Kumar’s number on EVM is 1


A video of voters in Begusarai complaining of poll rigging in favour of Kanhaiya Kumar’s rival has gone viral on social media. In the viral video, a group of voters, mostly Muslims, are seen accusing the local administration of forcing them to cast their votes by pressing the number 2 button on the EVM.


Kanhaiya Kumar of the CPI is challenging BJP’s Giriraj Singh and Tanweer Hassan on the RJD. Kanhaiya Kumar’s number of the EVM is one.

In the viral video, a voice is heard saying desperately, “We are being forced by aministration to press number 2 button. Please send help urgently to Bamangava panchayat. A young woman voter appeared on screen to allege that she was forced to press number two against her desire.

“I wanted to cast my vote in favour of number one (Kanhaiya Kumar), but they forced me to press number 2,” the woman voter alleged. Other voters too corroborated her claims as they chanted ‘down down administration’ slogans.

Begusarai, which goes to polls today, is facing a triangular contest among Kanhaiya Kumar, Giriraj Singh and Tanweer Hassan. Singh is believed to have been given the number 2 button on the EVM for today’s polls.



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