Video of toy car operator in shopping mall molesting a baby goes viral


A short video of a man, understandably a toy car operator, forcibly kissing a baby boy in a toy car has gone viral.

In this video the man, believed to be in his earlier thirties, is seen kissing the baby on his lips. The baby, despite his innocence, tries to push the man away. But, undeterred bu the baby’s resistance, the man continues forcing the baby backward to kiss him.

The video, shot in a shopping mall while the parents of the boy are away. has caused huge outrage on social media platforms. Both on Facebook and Twitter, people are sharing his video describing the ‘molester’ as pervert.

A user called @lull56inches posted the link to the video. The video is an incredibly disturbing to watch. We had originally posted the video but decided to remove it as it breached the standards of taste and decency.

Aam Aadmi Party’s Preeti Sharma Menon, urging everyone to report the story, tweeted, “don’t spread it report it.”

The location or the identities of the man and the baby are not yet known. One user on Facebook said that the incident had taken place in Saudi capital Riyadh. But we are not able to confirm it.




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