Video of Kashmiri dry fruit sellers being thrashed by Hindutva goons in Lucknow go viral, this man in photo came to one Kashmiri’s rescue


Two video of Kashmiri dry fruit sellers in Uttar Pradesh’s Lucknow have gone viral, evoking angry reactions from politicians and social media users from across the country.

Kashmiri dry fruit sellers
Hero who came to Kashmiri fruit seller’s rescue

While posting the video, journalist Prashant Kumar wrote, “SHOCKING: Some goons in saffron kurtas throttle, assault a Kashmiri dry fruit seller in Lucknow. Passersby come to rescue of the Kashmiri. Case yet to be registered. Hope @Uppolice @Igrangelucknow @lkopolice register an FIR and jab these goondas at the earliest.

In the video above, the Kashmiri dry fruit seller was protected by a man, who stood up to the Hindutva goons and asked them to call the police if they felt the Kashmiri man in question had broken laws.

However, the second video (see below) showed another Kashmiri trader being mercilessly thrashed by the same Hindutva criminals. Unfortunately, there was no one to save him from the Hindutva thugs, forcing him to run for his life by leaving his precious belongings on the road. He cried in pain even as he ran to protect himself from the goons.

Journalist Prashant Kumar wrote, “SECOND video of the attack. These cries of this Kashmiri should make us all hand our heads in shame. Truly disgusted to see these clips. This is not the #NewIndia anyone can hope for. India is big, our hearts are bigger. Kashmir is our and so are the Kashmiris.”

Reacting to these videos, Former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah wrote, ‘Nothing will do more damage to the idea of India in J&K than videos like these. Keep thrashing Kashmiris like this on the streets at the hands of RSS/Bajrang Dal goons & then try to sell the idea of “atoot ang”, it simply wont fly.”

His subsequent tweet tagged Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh and read, “Jenab @rajnathsingh Sahib. You represent this constituency in the Lok Sabha, this is the constituency where Vajpayee Sb was elected from & went on to be PM. If no one else will step in & deliver justice can we expect you to punish those guilty of this assault?”

Faced with huge condemnation, the Lucknow Police was forced to act and register a case under the sections 147/323/504 IPC. One person belonging to Vishwa Hindu Dal has reportedly been arrested. He has been identified as Bajrang Sonkar.


Lucknow is the home constituency of Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh.


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