VIDEO: Husband of UP MLA’s daughter, who asked for protection, attacked outside Allahabad High Court


The husband of UP MLA Resh Mishra’s daughter Sakshi Mishra was attacked on Monday outside the Allahabad High Court days after they released a video claiming threats to their lives from the lawmaker.


Sakshi Mishra and her husband Ajitesh Kumar had released two videos last year stating that the two had got married and urged the MLA, also known as Pappu Bhartaul, to accept their marriage.

In the viral video (watch below), Sakshi was heard saying, “Papa and Vicky (MLA’s brother), by papa I mean honourable MLA Pappu Bhartaul ji, please accept the reality and live peacefully and let us live with peace. I have indeed got married. This sindoor that I am sporting is not part of any fashion statement. I am sporting sindoor because I am not married.”

In another video, Kumar was heard saying that his family members faced harassment from the MLA and his associates since he was Dalit while the lawmaker belonged to an upper Hindu caste.

On Monday, the Allahabad High Court gave directions to UP Police to provide security to the couple, who had travelled from Noida to Allahabad seeking protection from the court. The couple’s lawyer was quoted by news agency ANI as saying, “Only Ajitesh was beaten up. It’s not known who were these people. But it proves that there is indeed a threat to their life for which they were seeking protection.”

The court also reportedly approved the couple’s marriage and admonished the BJP MLA.

Earlier, several media reports had said that a couple was abducted from the premises of the Allahabad High Court. However, soon it emerged that the abducted couple were not Sakshi and Ajitesh.

The Allahabad Police confirmed that a couple had indeed been kidnapped. Additional Director General of Prayagraj, SN Sabat told ANI, “Abductors were armed. We’ve issued orders of checking, suspected vehicles have been stopped at 1-2 places, I’m going there.”

A report by India Today said that the SUV bore the registration number UP80 which belongs to Agra district. Sources said that ‘Chairman’ was written on the rear of the vehicle.


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