Video of BJP leader kissing woman in moving bus goes viral, woman files rape case


A woman in Maharashtra has sensationally accused a senior BJP functionary in Maharashtra of raping her in a public transport. This was after a video of a man kissing a woman in a moving bus went viral.

video bjp leader kissing
Photo: India Today

The woman has filed a case of rape against the BJP functionary, identified as Ravindra Bawanthale, in question.

According to reports, the alleged incident took place in bus in Chandrapur area of Gadchiroli district.

In the video, obtained from the CCTV cameras installed inside the bus, Bawanthale can be seen forcing upon himself onto the woman. The other passengers too can be seen inside the bus.

The woman, however, only filed the rape case after the video went viral. She said that Bawanthale had promised to marry her and get a job.

Maharashtra is governed by the BJP-Shiv Sena alliance.


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