Video of ‘Anti-Romeo Squad member’ being mercilessly thrashed by public goes viral


A video of what’s being described as a member of Yogi Adityanath’s Anti-Romeo Squad being mercilessly thrashed by ordinary public has gone viral on social media platforms.anti romeo squad

In the video of a young man with a saffron stole around his neck is being hit by a woman with a shoe. The woman in the video comes back again to hit him with her shoe few more times before she’s joined by other men present at the scene.

The alleged member of the Anti-Romeo Squad falls on the ground but this doesn’t invite any sympathy from the angry mob, who thrash him with more vigour.

The video was posted by Twitter user Jas Oberoi, who wrote, “This had to happen eventually. An Anti-Romeo squad member of @myogiadityanath beaten up by public in UP.”

Uttar Pradesh chief minister Aditynath had formed the Anti-Romeo Squad to teach eve-teasers a lesson but soon the members of the Hindutva brigade were accused of harassing and physically assaulting young consenting couples.

The video has evoked strong reactions from social media users, most whom did not appear sympathetic to the victim in the video.


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