Verdict on 1st day :Delhi has decided to follow rules on Odd-Even Formula


Delhi government’s ambitious Odd Even formula for vehicles kicked in on 1 January with the early signs showing the experiment has been a great success.

Contrary to initial apprehension, the idea received supports from a large group of people. City roads looked relatively free from usual traffic jams and very few violators were seen on the roads.

There is a view that today being 1 January, a holiday for many people, may also have played a role in keeping a lot of commuters off the roads.

Delhi government got a boost from the city top cop, BS Bassi, who appealed the drivers to make the experiment a success.

He said, “The experiment is only applicable only for 14 days and we need your support to make it a success.”

Bassi’s public appeal assumed significance in view of the stand off between his office and the elected government of Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal.

Delhi government’s ministers have taken to public transport and, car-pooling and biking to travel to office today.

Kejriwal said that the response had made him ‘overwhelmed’ giving him confidence that the Delhiites will positively respond to ‘many more issues’ in future thereby ‘making Delhi a beautiful place to live.’

A lot of central government government employees too were seen coming to office in shared car on Friday. An employee in Ministry of Home Affairs told ANI that he had travelled to office from Uttar Pradesh’s Ghaziabad, found the experience ‘really amazing.’

Thousands of civil defence volunteers have been deployed to impress upon those who are not following the rules. Some volunteers were seen distributing flowers to those who violated rules. There were few cars even numbers, which got fined by traffic police.

Many volunteers said that they didn’t find any offender and their ‘roses’ were lying ‘unused.’

The formula has struck a chord even with youth, who’ve widely hailed the idea. A student told Times Now that she was extremely ‘thrilled with the idea’ and was looking forward to going to college in few days time using public transport.

A traffic police officer, Nand Kishore near India Gate said that he had noticed a considerable reduction both in traffic and pollution for this time of the day.



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