Varun Gandhi seeks Muslim sugar to make his tea ‘sweeter’


Disagreeing with his mother Maneka Gandhi’s stance, BJP MP Varun Gandhi on Sunday told Muslim voters that he will be available for their work even if they did not vote for him. He, however, added that his tea will become ‘sweeter’ if Muslims voted for him in this year’s Lok Sabha polls.

Varun Gandhi

Gandhi, who had won from Sultanpur in 2014, has now fielded from Pilibhit in this year’s Lok Sabha polls. Addressing the crowd he said, “I want to say one thing to Muslim brothers. I will feel good if you vote for me. But even if you don’t vote for me, no problem at all. You can still come to me for your work.” He then went on to add, “But if my tea gets little sugar from you, my tea will become sweeter.”

Varun’s message to Muslim voters in Pilibhit is poles apart from what Maneka had said earlier this month, when she faced criticism for saying that she wouldn’t be available for Muslim constituents’ work if they did not vote for her. She had told a gathering, “I am winning with the help and love of people. But I wouldn’t like if my victory happens without the help of Muslims. I must tell you that then I feel bad. Then, when a Muslim comes to me for some work, I am inclined not to work (for Muslim). After all, jobs are also a deal. We are not the children of Mahatma Gandhi.”

Maneka was banned from campaigning for 48 hours by the Election Commission for her controversial comments.

The BJP has interchanged Maneka’s seat with that of her son this time around. In 2014, she had won from Pilibhit but has been fielded from Sultanpur this time around.


  1. Mother warns to Muslims to face troubles if not voting to her. And son sympathise with contradict statements good game of politics going on. Mother is supported by non Muslim voters bcoz she spits venom for Muslim. And son gaining trust of muslims by showing support with sugar coated words. Maybe that’s why you mom and son changed your places for contesting elections?.


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