Tamil actor Varu Sarathkumar alleges executive from TV channel asked her to meet for ‘other things’


Tamil actor Varu Sarathkumar has made a sensational allegation against a senior executive of a leading TV channel for making sexual advances during a meeting recently.

Taking to social media, Varu posted a detailed account (below) of her experience with the executive, who she has not named.

She wrote, “I was in a meeting with the programming head of a leading TV channel. Towards the end of the half hour meeting, he asked me, ‘So when can we meet outside?’ To which I replied, ‘Regarding some other work?’ He said, ‘No… for other things’. I hide my shock and anger and tell him, ‘Sorry, please leave’. His last words were ‘So, that’s all?’,” detailed the actress on Twitter.

She said that the common reaction from ‘people both in the industry and outside when they hear things like this’ was to say’film industry is like this’ adding that this attitude had to go.

She added, “The important choices have to be presented to the men. Either stop disrespecting women or GET OUT!.”


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