Utterly shameful! Tanzanian girl brutalised days before Bengaluru hosted Global Investors’ Meet


Dr Kouser Fathima

The mob attack on a Tanzanian girl to say the least. The girl was not only beaten but her clothes were torn and paraded on the streets.

What is more shocking is the apathy of the onlookers, who remained mute spectators of the brutal attack with no one coming forward to help the girl.

The police’s role too has come under too many questions with them refusing to take any action.

When the helpless girl tried to enter a bus she was pushed away and no auto stopped by to give her a ride.

And this incident did not happen in any lawless land but the IT city of Bengaluru.

This incident cast a black spot on the city shaming every resident here.

This incident has also brought to light the racist attitude of the public. Not only was the mob attack tragic, the inaction by the other onlookers raises many questions.

Have we become so insensitive and inhuman in the face of to any kind of mob violence? Or are we scared to take on the violent mob. Whatever the reason, the mob frenzy is highly condemnable and strict action should be taken to set an example and failure to do so will only embolden the future perpetrators.

The incident has also highlighted the racism prevalent among us. According to eyewitnesses, most people were openly supporting and harassing the girl, calling her a foreigner and asking her to go back. We may claim to be educated and tech savvy but the racist trait in all of us is gets so easily exposed at any such incident.

The incident was triggered after a car driven allegedly by drunk Tanzanian students mowed down two pedestrians. The accident was bad but we do have police to arrest the drunk students and law to take its course.

Delay in arresting the students led to a tussle and soon a huge mob gathered and started pelting stones and attacking the students.

The whole incident could have been stopped by timely intervention of police but their inaction allowed the mob to cross the line when it attacked the girl in a brutal way.

By resorting to such heinous act they not only shamed the city but also the nation. This also smacked of our utter hypocrisy. How ironic that while we are never tired of shouting from the rooftop about much-publicised claims on “athiti devo bhavo” we never disappoint our critics with the display of such frenzy.

Worse, how some politicians have tried to extract mileage from the incident while others trying to add a communal angle to the incident.

What the sympathisers of this racist attack don’t realise is that a mob is a mob. It has no name or face. It never had. The reason why stricter action is required  without any political or communal drama. The inaction by the authorities will lead to many questions and more complications.

The incident couldn’t have taken place at more inappropriate time. This unfortunate incident took place when Bengaluru was hosting the global investors’ meet. What an advertisement to attract international investors in Karnataka!

Hope the administration displays enough resolve to ensure this isolated incident doesn’t tarnish the image of Bengaluru forever.

The views expressed here are author’s own


  1. >>”How ironic that while we are never tired of shouting from the rooftop
    about much-publicised claims on “athiti devo bhavo” we never disappoint
    our critics with the display of such frenzy.”

    This remark, seeking to link the mob to native traditions, is unfortunate. You are inviting people to discuss whether the mob was from a community that follows Arab traditions.


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