RTI reply on Uttarakhand Chief Minister’s teacher wife makes embarrassing revelation


Uttarakhand Chief Minister Trivedendra Singh Rawat on Friday faced social media roastings after a video of a widowed teacher being ill-treated by him publicly went viral. Angered by the widowed teacher Uttara Bahugana’s request for a transfer, Rawat had ordered her immediate suspension and arrest. The teacher was briefly arrested later.

Trivendra Rawat

However, within hours of the video going viral, it has emerged that the chief minister’s wife, also a teacher, has not been transferred for 22 years as she continued to enjoy the plum posting. An RTI reply, tweeted by news agency ANI, revealed that Sunita Rawat was posted in a school in Dehradun’s Ajabpur Kalan since 1996 even after she received promotion in 2008.”

This has further angered the social media users, who are now incensed over Rawat’s sheer hypocrisy. Journalisr Saikat Dutta wrote, “BJP CM Rawat of Uttarkhand got a teacher suspended and arrested for seeking a transfer after 25 years. His wife, also a teacher, has been in Dehradun for 22 years, reveals RTI. Irony jumped off a cliff again.” User Dinesh Vimal wrote, “She is CM’s wife so rules. they bend rules or will not obey rules. Rules are for only poor people” Another user Rashmi wrote, “Shame on y CM. Yr wife must get an transfer within next 48 hr if really posted for 8 years.”

Congress leader Arjun Modhwadia tweeted, “A teacher who asked for a transfer to Dehradun after 25Yrs was denied By Utrakhand CM,suspended &arrested for shouting.A teacher Sunita Rawat was transferred from a tough region within 4Yrs &has been in Dehradun since 22 years as she is W/O BJP CM Rawat.”

In the viral video, Bahuguna was seen pleading by invoking her desperate personal circumstances as a result of losing husband’s death, but this had no impact on the chief minister.

Bahuguna told Rawat that she was a teacher in Uttarkashi while children were in Dehradun. The death of her husband meant that there was no one to look after her children. Sharing her woes while requesting for transfer during the chief minister’s regular janta darbar (Citizens’ interaction with the CM), she requested him to consider transfering her to Dehradun.

But Rawat insultingly asked her, “Had you not realised this when you agreed to do this job in the first place?” The teacher answered, “Yes, but I did not know that (due to my husband’s death), I will be forced to go on exile. The job is important to me, but so are my children. You will have to do justice to me since beti bachao, beto padhao is the slogan of your party.”

Far from showing sympathy to the elderly woman’s personal circumstances, Rawat was seen losing cool. He was then heard ordering her immediate suspension and even get her arrested, “Is ko suspend karo. (Suspend her immediately.)”

Rawat was sworn in as the state’s new chief minister after his party, the BJP, won a landslide in March last year.


  1. Shame on CM Trivendra Singh Rawat. This is highly unappreciated. first he should think of his wife who is working in Dehradun since 20 years.#isupportuttarabahuguna

  2. Mr. CM, Those who have their own houses made of glass, do never pelt stones on others’ houses. Is this the way to deal with a woman in the country like India and that too Uttarakhand? Do not be boast of power, you know the power of public. Please give due respect to the values of Indian culture.

  3. This is not Mr rawat mistake. This our mistake to elect these kind of inhumane people. She is a teacher, who lost her husband. She asked for her transfer after longtime, but she got only humiliation in return by these crooked politician. Feeling ashamed of this incident. Beti baachao, beti padhaao – even if we educate our sisters, at the end they will be molested, raped and belittled by our politicians. Jai hind

  4. चलिए कम से कम आप लोगों को इतना तो पता चल ही गया की मुख्यमंत्री साहब की श्रीमती जी स्कूल मै पढ़ाती है नहीं तो और भी मुख्यमंत्री थे या हैँ उनकी श्रीमती जी तो ऐ सी रूम मे बैठकर टी वी देखती या किट्टी पार्टी मनाती हैँ

  5. Mr. CM, the only and only suggestion for you being a leader of heavenly State Uttarakhand, be a human being first. Can you convince people of Uttarakhand, why your wife is in Dehradun city for last 20 years? I am again & again reminding you of the power of the public/people. Whatever she (Mrs. Uttra Pant) has reacted in Janta Darbar, there might be something questionable. I do not have have link with any of the Political Parties, because I hate Politics though I had my major subject POLITICAL SCIENCE in graduation. In my opinion, whosoever has become CM of Uttarakhand ( see the History of Uttarakhand)), has exploited the simple and down to earth people of Uttarakhand and see the consequences of their deeds. None is alive due to curse of Innocent People, Badri Vishal, Kedar Swami and so many DEVI & Devtas of Uttarakhand.

  6. Political class is full of rogues and criminals.
    Politics has almost become a safe home to criminals. So many criminals are in active politics today. So many of the legislators are Illiterate and unscrupulous. Hats off to the political parties for creating such a situation…!!! Why can”t criminals be barred from political activity?. Why can’t some qualification and some psychological test be prescribed for them? Government should take the call.

  7. It’s just a matter of time when public of India votes against rawat and once stripped from CM post it is to be seen who saves rawat and his wife from the ire of public.


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