UP Police says ‘sorry’ for Hapur incident after Muslim man lynched, left to die even as he begged for water


In an unprecedented development, the Uttar Pradesh Police have apologised after a photo emerged showing three policemen escort a Hindutva mob, dragging a Muslim man after having lynched him on rumours of cow slaughter in Hapur district.


The UP Police in its apology statement said that it had transferred all the three policemen. In its statement posted on Twitter by the Director General of Police headquarters, it said, “We apologise for the incident. All the three policemen seen in the picture have been transferred to Police Line and an enquiry has been ordered.

“The picture seems to have been taken when the Police had reached the spot to shift the injured to a Police Vehicle & because of the non-availability of an ambulance at the moment the victim was unfortunately carried that way.”

The statement further added, “Admittedly, the policemen should have been more sensitive in their conduct. The humane concerns got ignored in the urgency of saving a life and maintaining law and order. As is clear from the other picture, the victim was rushed to the hospital by policemen in a UP 100 PRV.

The caption of the statement by the UP Police was even more forthright as it said, “We are Sorry for the Hapur Incident. Law & order incidents often lead to unintended yet undesirable acts.”

Two Muslim men, 45-year-old Qasim and 62-year-old Samiuddin, were brutally assaulted by a violent Hindutva mob on Wednesday in Hapur, about 70 kms from India’s national capital, Delhi. While Qasim, the man being dragged in the photo died in hospital, Samiuddin has sustained serious injuries.

The video of Qasim asking for water from the mob too went viral. The ruthlessness of the Hindutva mob was such that they refused to give him water even though a voice in the video is heard persuading the goons to offer him water. The voice says, “You have hit him, assaulted him, that is enough. Now please understand. There are consequences if he dies.” Qasim later succumbed to his injuries.

The police have also registered a murder case and arrested two persons in connection with the crime. Lynching of Muslims has become common occurrences since Narendra Modi became India’s prime minister.

Last week a sensational statement by a BJP MP from Jharkhand had established the saffron party’s direct link to the lynchings of Muslims in India. BJP MP Nishikant Dubey, had later stunningly announced that he would provide financial help to the killers of the two Muslim men. The BJP MP from Godda, had said that it was his duty to help the murderers of Muslim men fight their case ‘from the lower court to the Supreme Court.’

25 Indians have been killed in 60 separate incidents between 2010 and 2017 with as many as 97% of these attacks being reported after Modi government came to power in May 2014, said a report compiled by IndiaSpend. Half of the cow-related violence–30 of 60 cases–were from states governed by the BJP when the attacks were reported.

Of the 25 Indians who died over the eight-year period, 21 or 84% were Muslims. As many as 139 people were also injured in these attacks. More than half (52%) of these attacks were based on rumours, the IndiaSpend report concluded.


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  2. In reality these people are afraid till death. They always come in mob and under police protection. What can you expect from the idol worshippers.


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