‘Rahul pyaaz 5 rupay kilo, Modi pyaaz 40 rupay kilo kyon’ Congress sells subsidised onions in Gorakhpur


In an attempt to draw the attention of the Narendra Modi-led BJP government towards price rise, Congress leaders in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh have launched a campaign wherein onions are being sold for Rs 5 per kg. The subsidised onions go by the name of ‘Rahul Gandhi pyaaz’.

Posters in the city are marketing the onions under the tagline, ‘Aapka dhyan kidhar hai, Rahul Gandhi pyaaz idhar hai. Rahul pyaaz 5 rupay kilo, Modi pyaaz 40 rupay kilo kyon’.

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Congress workers are claiming to have sold 500 kg of these subsidised onions to around 100 people.

Interestingly, the Gorakhpur Congress unit had earlier introduced ‘Rahul Milk’, which was sold free-of-cost to people during the Lok Sabha elections last year. A ‘Rahul herbal tea’ campaign had also been introduced by the party following the elctions.

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“The Modi government has benefited only rich businessmen, not the poor and middle-class sections,” said Congress district general secretary Anwar Hussain, the brain behind the campaign.

“In four days, we will sell 1,500 kg of ‘Rahul Gandhi pyaaz’ in Khorabar area,” Hussain said, while adding that the party had purchased onions for Saturday’s campaign from the wholesale market at the rate of Rs 33 per kg.

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(Picture Courtesy: Indian Express)


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