PM Modi’s visit to Noida forces schools to close early, makes roads out of bound for commuters


Soon after becoming India’s prime minister, Narendra Modi had said that he was going to be the prime servant of the people. This was in a bid to convince citizens about his intention to do away with the prevalent VVIP culture in the country.


However, his critics have always slammed him for running a suit boot ki sarkaaras famously alleged by Congress President Rahul Gandhi in the past. Modi has also been accused of splashing tax payers’ money on his globe trotting. A recent RTI reply had revealed how he spent nearly Rs 400 crore on travelling to more than 50 countries in the last four years.

The RTI reply also revealed that the prime minister had also spent nearly six months staying abroad in the last four years. A recent report said that even to record his few minutes of fitness video, the government had spent a few lakh rupees.

In another glaring example of Modi’s VVIP culture, schools in Noida on Monday have decided to close their educational institutions early because of the ‘Honourable Prime Minister’s visit’ to the area to inaugurate a Samsung factory.

A notice by one school, sent to parents read, “Dear Parents, Dispersal of students will be held half an hour early on Monday, 9th July as per Traffic Advisory due to Honourable Prime Minister’s visit to Noida.”

Another advisory by a school said, “Keeping in mind tomorrow’s security issues, there will be early dispersal. You are kindly requested to pick your ward at 1:30pm (as opposed to 2 pm) sharp.”

In effect, Modi’s few hours of official commitment in Delhi’s adjoining city will deprive hundreds of thousands of students of their crucial half hour of study. Many of these students currently have exams and need to catch up with their study. The cumulative effect of Modi’s few hours of trip is monumental given the number of students, who will be adversely affected.

Young minds, who are India’s future, aren’t the only ones to bear the brunt of the VVIP PM’s visit to the area. The loss on general productivity is even more. The traffic department has made several key roads joining Delhi and Noida literally out-of-bounds for commuters.

A traffic advisory by the local police said that due to PM Modi’s ‘outing’ on 9 July, citizens were advised to take alternative routes to avoid inconvenience between 4 pm and 7 pm. The road to avoid, was the Noida Expressway, which connects Delhi with Noida, Greater Noida and many other adjoining areas.

Contrary to Traffic Police’s claims, the impact of Modi’s ‘outing’ is expected to last beyond 7 pm on Monday once Modi has returned to Delhi.

Modi will be accompanied by South Korean President Moon Jae-in when he arrives in Noida to inaugurate the Samsung factory.


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