Meat shops on Kanwar Yatra route asked to stay closed


All meat shops on the Kanwar Yatra route in the district have been ordered to remain closed and all eateries instructed not to display non-vegetarian dishes till ‘Maha Shivratri’ celebrations.

District Magistrate Nidhi Kesarwani ordered that all the meat shops in the district will remain closed till the ‘Maha Shivratri’ celebrations, and SHOs have been directed to ensure that the order is not flouted, officials said.

Police have also been asked to take the consent of the shop owners in writing in this regard.


  1. Is this called tolerance. Meat shop can remain closed in some parts of the city but not entire district. Which part of constitution says that meat eaters should be deprived of their eating habits during Sivarathri. Why can’t Siva Sena repeat what they did in Mumbai during Mahavir Jayanthi

  2. under which law of indian constitution these shops are ordered to close? how would the shop keepers earn their livelihood? would the govt. pay them?


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