Shocking video of VIP racism: Modi’s minister’s staff slaps security guard, video goes viral


In a shocking incident of what can easily be described a VIP racism, a personal staff of Union Minister Mahesh Sharma, thrashed and punched a security guard in Ghaziabad for no fault of the victim.

The video of this appalling act by a minister has now gone viral.


The watchman, who was assaulted, said, “It took hardly two minutes for us to open the gate, still the minister’s security thrashed and abused us.”

Sharma, according to media reports, was on his way to meet his sister at the Ashiana Green apartments in Ghaziabad for the Raksha Bandhan festival on Thursday when the incident took place.

In the video, the perpetrator is seen wagging a finger threateningly before pouncing at him. He had allegedly demanded to know why the minister was kept waiting despite his beaconed car. When the two other guards tried to stop him, he slapped them too.

“I was not at the site. When I came to know of the incident, unconditionally, without finding out who is guilty, I apologized to the guard and the residents’ association,” the minister said today, asserting that his car had already driven into the complex.

Residents have complained to the police but no FIR or First Information Report had been filed yet. As for the minister, he has indirectly defended the act of his personal staff.

“I have gone their more than 100 times…I know the protocol. My security person told the guard that this is the flat number and he is the minister who is going in. Inspite of that he held me, which is fine. Later he permitted me to go,” explained Sharma.

NDTV reported that the minister’s aunt, who owns the house in the society, the watchman was “rude” to Sharma’s staff and also stopped his wife’s car from entering.


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