In a Bareilly village, father kilIs minor for not covering her head


A six-year-old girl was allegedly thrashed by her father after she failed to keep her head covered while having food. The incident took place in a village near Bareilly (Uttar Pradesh) where the girl died on the spot after being attacked by her father.

Zafar, allias Chand Miyan, had a strict rule for the women of the house to wear a veil at all times. The locals allege that the women were not allowed to step out of the house nor were any visitors allowed inside.


On Saturday, when Zafar saw his daughter eating while her ‘dupatta’ slipped from over her head, in a fit of rage, he allegedly thrashed her, smashing her head against the floor until she was dead.

Meharban, who lives in the neighbourhood said, “The husband got furious and hit the wife. Then he beat his daughter to death.”

Zafar was arrested after his wife registered an FIR against him, accusing him of murder. The police say that the accused seems to be mentally unstable.


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