Former cop beaten to death in Allahabad, murder recorded on camera


In a chilling incident, a group of criminals mercilessly thrashed a 70-year-old retired cop from Uttar Pradesh Police in Allahabad with sticks until he stopped moving. Hours later, Abdul Samad Khan was declared dead in a hospital.


The video, now gone viral, shows Khan being attacked three men armed with sticks. The former sub-inspector falls on the ground as his assailants pounce on him with more vigour. Khan remains seated against a wall and is unable to retaliate but this has no effect on the criminals mercilessly attacking him.

Moments later, the 70-year-old former cop becomes motionless. He was later brought to a local hospital, where he was declared dead.

Another chilling aspect of this day-light murder is that no one came to save the elderly men from the attack. Two men are seen passing by on motorbikes with one even stopping at the venue of the assault, but no one cares to intervene.

Some men are seen standing nearby and watching the attack. One of the attackers has been identified as Junaid, who has at least 10 criminal cases pending against him, reported NDTV.

The reason for the attack is believed to be property dispute, but officials have not confirmed the motive behind the murder yet. Police have named at least 10 people in the FIR but they have not arrested anyone in connection with Khan’s murder.

Khan retired from the force in 2006.


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