Five-storey building collapses in Ghaziabad’s Khoda


A five-storey building in Ghaziabad has collapsed on Friday with the administration saying that there were no reports of casualties.

Phjoto tweeted by ANI

Local residents were quoted by ANI as saying, “The building was old, nobody stayed there. A clothes showroom was there but that too had been shut down as the condition of the building was not good.”

Ghaziabad District Magistrate, Ritu Maheshwari, said, “The building was not in good condition, it was 8-10 years old & had been evacuated already. No casualty has been reported. NDRF & other rescue teams are present at the spot.”

The region has been experiencing heavy rainfalls in the last two days. A huge portion of a road in Ghaziabad’s Vasundhara area had caved in endangering the safety of hundreds of flat owners in the nearby housing society.

The state government had also come under condemnation after it was reported that the newly constructed Rajnagar  Extension in Ghaziabad had experienced severe water-logging. The Ghaziabad Development Authority had later issued a denial stating that the road in the video was not Rajnagar Extension.

Earlier this week, an under-construction building had collapsed in Ghaziabad leaving one person dead. The incident had come just a few days after a six-storey building had collapsed on to its adjacent building killing at least nine people. At least 400 personnel from the NDRF had joined the search and rescue operation, which was declared over on Saturday.

The cops had arrested three people, the owner of the land, Gangashankar Dwivedi, and two others — Dinesh and Sanjay. The state government had announced a compensation of Rs 2 lakh each to the victims.


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