Caught on cam: Policemen in Varanasi shower currency notes on dancers


Days after the JD-U leader, Abhay Kushwaha’s ‘dirty dancing’ pictures went viral, another video has been released which shows a group of policemen dancing with bar dancers in the holy city of Varanasi.

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Congress advt 2

In the constituency of Narendra Modi, a shameless act of policemen came into the limelight where policemen were caught dancing with the bar girls in a wedding party in Varanasi. Not just were they vulgarly dancing but also were caught on camera raining money on the bar girls.

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The marriage function was held on Tuesday night at Sriya Latbarv Kashi Baba temple. 

Policemen were present for security reasons but then, few of them seemed to forget that they were in uniform and started showering 100, 500 notes on the dancers.

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The program went till late night and the crowd remained silent.


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