12-year-old son dies on father’s shoulder because of doctors’ alleged insensitivity


If you were moved by the sheer callousness of health authorities in Odisha, where a tribal man was forced to carry the dead body of his wife for 10 kms in the absence of an ambulance, you must read the story of this father from Kanpur.

The 36-year-old Sunil Kumar from Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh alleged that his 12-year-old son died on his shoulder as he made unsuccessful attempts to convince a doctor to see him urgently.

His son Ansh died on his shoulder.

12-year-old son

“He was in Class 6 and very intelligent. I took him to a local hospital, they asked me to take him to the government hospital,” Kumar was quoted by NDTV.

Sunil, according to reports, was made to wait for 30 minutes at the emergency ward of the government-run Hallet hospital before being told to take the boy to the children’s section some 200 metres away.

He said that the doctors did not even examine his son and hospital staff even denied him a stretcher forcing him to run towards the children’s section with his son on his shoulder. The horrific scene was captured on camera by a reporter.

He was told about his son’s death soon after he arrived at the children’s section. The doctors there reportedly told him that Ansh may have survived if he had been brought even moments earlier.

Sunil disagreed, “It took me nine minutes….how could he be dead in nine minutes?”

The Hallet hospital, for its part refuted the charges of negligence and apathy.

“We admitted him. We found that there was no heart rate, no pulse, and the pupils are fixated and dilated. We could tell from his condition that he died two to three hours before being brought in,” said Dr RC Gupta, the chief medical officer of the hospital.

The Akhilesh Yadav government has ordered an inquiry but this may be of no relief to a distraught father, who will forever have to live with the pain of not being able to save his son. All because a collapsed health system simply failed to provide a timely treatment in a city, which is only 80 kms away from the capital, Lucknow.



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