114 Noida buildings to be demolished after 9 killed in Shahberi


Authorities in Noida have decided to demolish 114 illegally constructed buildings in Greater Noida after nine people were killed in Shahberi following the collapse of a six-storey building last month.

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This comes after the authorities had identified a total of 1,757 structures in the area as being on “legally shaky ground,” reported Indian Express. Of these, said the report, 114 have been declared unauthorised multi-storey buildings that were constructed on land that has already been notified and acquired by the authority.

Rakesh Kumar Mishra, additional CEO of the authority, said that these buildings were ‘outrightly illegal and there will be no compromise regarding their fate.’

“These will be demolished. We have already evacuated four such buildings in Raipur village and filed FIRs against the owners. Further, 50 buildings have already been sealed and the owners of 60 other such buildings have already been given notices,” Mishra was quoted as saying.

Nine people were killed in the collapse of six-storey building that fell on to an adjacent structure on 17 July. Police had arrested at least three people in connection with the collapse of the under-construction site. Among those arrested were the owner of the land, Gangashankar Dwivedi, and two others — Dinesh and Sanjay.

Local authorities have also identified 56 buildings as unsafe and they’ve already initiated action against a number of these. They’ve already demolished 10 structures in Garhi Chaukhandi and lodged FIRs against the owners of 17 such ‘unsafe’ buildings in Nithari, while three buildings have been sealed.

The Noida Authority said that some people had developed buildings on free-hold properties without getting plans approved. The Noida Authority officials said these structures were unauthorised and in violation of Noida (Fourth Amendment) Manual 2016 that lays down guidelines for the construction work on free-hold properties.


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