Uttar Pradesh man slices six-month-old daughter’s fingers, throat after fight with wife over ‘extra-marital’ relationship


Police in Uttar Pradesh said on Monday that a man had slices his six-month-old daughter after suspecting that his wife was in an extra-marital affair. The man, identified as Jahid, attacked his infant daughter and wife in a fit of rage after he heard a neighbour talk about his wife’s alleged extra-marital affair.

six-month-old daughter

The crime took place in Uttar Pradesh’s Morabad district, a city around 150 kms away from India’s national capital Delhi. According to police, the man confronted his wife on Sunday night after he overheard a neighbour discuss his wife’s illicit relationship. In a fit of rage, Jahid first attacked his six-month-old daughter and cut off her fingers and sliced her throat. He then targeted his wife, who has suffered a minor cut in her arm.

According to police, he attacked his daughter believing that she was his illegimate child. The child is currently being treated in a hospital. Doctors treating her said that her vocal cord had been badly damaged and the child may never be able to speak again.

Police have arrested the man, who is believed to be in his 20s. He has confessed to his crime adding that he attacked his daughter and wife with a kitchen knife after she failed to give ‘satisfactory’ answers to his questions on allegations of being an extra-marital relationship.

In August, a 47-year-old man had killed his 34-year-old wife before committing suicide after a fight between them over suspicion of that he was in a romantic relationship with his sister. “The suicide note mentioned that Manisha suspected her husband of having an extramarital affair and that the two would often argue over the issue. It led to Bhatnagar killing his wife by smashing her head with a mortar and pestle,” Akhilesh Tripathi, station house officer, Bisrakh police station was quoted as saying.


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