Uttar Pradesh cops brutality thrash man in front of child as he fails to produce documents for motorcycle


A video of Uttar Pradesh cops mercilessly thrashing a man in front of his child has gone viral evoking strong reactions from journalists and members of the civil society. In the viral video, one sub-inspector rank official of the UP Police is seen pouncing on a young man with the help of his constable in front of the victim’s child.
Uttar Pradesh cops

The victim is heard promising to produce the documents of his bike later but to no avail. The two men in uniform continued to brutally assault him while attempting to snatch the key of his bike.

Someone in the crowd is even heard pleading to policemen to not assault him in front of the child. But, the two cops ignored that plea.

The incident took place in Siddharth Nagar district, near the border with Nepal. According to some reports, the two cops have been suspended and a departmental inquiry launched after the video went viral on social media.

Meanwhile, the Uttar Pradesh Police is facing widespread condemnation with many even asking if the suspension of the two cops was adequate given the severity of their crime.

The two monsters in the video have been identified as Sub-inspector Virendra Mishra and head constable Mahendra Prasad.


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