Social media backlash on BJP MP Udit Raj’s beef tweet for Usain Bolt


BJP MP and Dalit leader Udit Raj on Monday caused a huge social media controversy with a tweet suggesting that champion Jamaican athlete Usain Bolt had nine Olympics gold despite being born in poverty after his trainer advised him to eat beef twice a day.

Usain Bolt

“Usain Bolt of Jamaica was poor and trainer advised him to eat beef both the times and he scored 9 gold medals in Olympics,” the Lok Sabha member from North West Delhi tweeted.

Faced with a huge social media outrage, Raj soon issued a clarification saying his tweet was only to highlight the difficulties Bolt had overcome to win Olympic laurels. He said his intention was not to advocate eating of beef.

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He wrote, “I cited circumstances of Jamaica that despite poor infrastructure & poverty Bolt won 9 gold so our players should find ways like that to win. As usain bolt &trainer found ways and means to win medals similarly our players and trainers should do as per their circumstances. I intended to convey-players & society to look at ways to win in games rather blaming circumstances & Govt & eating is their choice. (sic)”

But this didn’t deter Twitter users from having a dig at the MP and his party, the BJP. Raj, a Dalit leader, had in the past criticised his own party for the growing attacks against Dalits by so-called cow protection groups.

Here are some Twitter reactions:


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