UP’s Noida police finds 61 ‘abducted’ girls


Uttar Pradesh’s Noida police on Thursday found 61 girls, who were either reported missing or kidnapped from various locations.

The police said that the ‘kidnapped’ girls’ parents had lodged complaints in various police stations across Noida. These girls were minors at the time of their alleged ‘abduction.’

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Noida City’s Superintendent of Police, Dinesh Yadav, told jantakareporter that this was a major breakthrough by his force.

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He said, ” we’ve been working towards this through a concerted campaign for quite sometime. The girls we found were from all across Noida. We’ve taken necessary actions against the culprits and sent them to jail. We had more than six hundred cases of alleged abduction for last two years. I’m pleased to say that we”ve resolved most of the cases and only 56 more cases now need to be cracked.”

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Among those found by the police, more than half a dozen of them had willingly left their house.

Police is confident soon they will be able to track the whereabouts of those remaining 56 girls.

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