“Narendra Modi and Amit Shah are ‘terrorists’, they create terror”


New Delhi: A day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi stoked controversy with his ‘smashan’ and ‘Ramzan’ chants, the Samajwadi Party (SP) branded the PM and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) President Amit Shah as “terrorists”, adding that they are trying to mislead voters in Uttar Pradesh to gather support for the party.


“Narendra Modi and Amit Shah are polluting the political atmosphere of the country. They are terrorists, they create terror,” Samajwadi Party’s spokesman Rajendra Chaudhary told the media on Sunday.

He said UP is a state which has always been free from religious divide, adding that the public is well aware of BJP’s agenda. “People here very well understand the BJP ideology and will not fall for it. There is no place for Hindu-Muslim clashes in the state,” said Chaudhary adding that it would be a “miracle if BJP gets even a few seats in the assembly”.

Addressing an election rally in Fatehpur on Sunday, PM Modi had said, “If a qabristan (burial ground) is built in a village, a smashan (cremation ground) should also be constructed there.”

He went on to add that “if electricity is provided there in Ramazan, it should also be given in Diwali”. “There should not be any discrimination,” he added.

Coming down heavily on the PM, the SP leader said, “Misleading voters is a political crime, which is being committed by Modi and Shah. The two magicians from Gujarat are trying their level best to change the face of politics in UP,” Chaudhary told the media on Sunday couting another controversy.

He said the people of UP will not “disrespect politics at any cost”. “Nobody should take UP voters for granted; they know everything about politics,” claimed Chaudhary.

Meanwhile, the Congress earlier today decided to file a complaint against Modi over his controversial remarks.

The secretary of the Legal and Human Rights Department of the Congress party KC Mittal confirmed the development to ANI, stating that “a complaint will be filed against the Prime Minister’s deplorable statement during his address at Fatehpur.”

The state voted for the third phase of the seven-phased assembly elections on Sunday. Results will be declared on March 11, 2017.


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