UP Panchayat imposes ‘Taliban-style’ punishment on boy for alleged sexual harassment


Panchayat leaders in Kalyanpur village in Moradabad themselves turned lawmakers when a boy was made to do sit-ups for allegedly harassing a girl in the area, in a ‘Taliban-style’ punishment.

Although the boy kept denying committing the offence, the village leaders later beat him up and even made him touch the girl’s feet for forgiveness.

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Jantakareporter.com has exclusive access to the scenes coming in from the village in Uttar Pradesh.

Congress advt 2

However, this is not the first time such an incident has taken place in Indian villages.

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Not taking into account the nature or seriousness of the crime, panchayat leaders many-a-times pronounce their own punishments on the accused, who is made to go through such disciplinary tasks in full public view.

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