Your father Yogi has come now, said the man as woman thrashed Muslim women in Meerut


Ever since Yogi Adityanath, a known face of militant Hindutva, has become the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, the right-wing brigade has erupted in excitement. While social media has been replete with incredibly menacing threats for known BJP critics, the BJP supporters have also now begun flaunting their ‘power’ against members of minority community.

father yogi meerut

In one such incident in Uttar Pradesh’s Meerut district, a man was seen threatening a group of Muslim women using Yogi Adityanath’s name even as woman thrashed them even as police personnel watched as silent spectators.

The victim told ABP News that the fight started after her child, who was playing on a swing in the nearby park, was asked to leave. The victim said that the opposite party called them names mocking their religious background.

However, when contacted, the girl who was accused of forcing the Muslim child of leaving the swing, said alleged that she was the victim of their abuses and physical assaults.

She said that the Muslim family had assaulted her in the park first.

Meerut has always been notorious for communal tension in the past.

Will such incidents be now be a new normal under Yogi Aditynath? That remains a million dollar question, at least for now!

Watch the video below!

(Our earlier version had wrongly said that the lady who thrashed Muslim women was the wife of the person who threatened them using the chief minister’s name.)


  1. The ascent of right- wing in the populous state of UP with sizeable muslim community has made tremendous impact on society with the hindutva forces brazenly threatening the muslims, especially women. Incidents like this may lead the sate to chaotic situations and lot of bloodshed

  2. yeah right, This is the first incident of its kind in the whole history of independent India.
    How nutty can commienuts get.

  3. JKR How low can you fall further with your selective news. What next for tomorrow?…how Muslims are bullied by showing yogis picture?. This is not troll but sincere feedback.

  4. The person who said “aa gayaa tumhara baap Yogi” should get lashes in public. These anti-social elements create situations. Why was he not arrested? He is terrorising people from different community. Why he can’t be labeled as ‘TERRORIST’? What he did is anti social and anti national. Police should have put him behind the bars. Spoiling the name and fame of Yogi Adityanath.

  5. Oh my God! Some child pushed another child on the playground? And then their parents got upset? It would never have happened under Great Saint Mulayam! Quickly, we must get some NGO to give money for monitoring swingsets across the country! Now I truly understand when media warns of a new political swing by society.

  6. The govt either keep law and order in the state or leave the people freely to do whatever they like.Never allow the referees (the police ) to take side in riots. When ever communal riots broke out we found the police took part on one side and allow the hunter to perish the prey.In India it is always against Muslims and Dalits.

  7. Yogi maybe his baap. Not our baap. I challenge that bastard to come to Allahabad and utter these words in front of me.

  8. Good job JKR. Keep challenging the social standards and reporting news on spread of hatred or violence. Unless hatred and violence is attacked at the very root level, it can go out of control. Indian people need to be taught a tough way that they should settle their issues either through dialogues or courts. What a shame that Indian men can call dirty names in presence of women! What kind of heroism is that?

  9. First of all editor of this site should mind the language before writing any news.. how Can you say militant Hindutva? It seems like either you are a biased person who takes money from ISI and gulf countries or you’re a Madarasa educated person.
    Basically you’re not writing news to spread awareness instead you’re dividing the society by putting allegations on Hindu..
    This is a very small incident and can happen anywhere but you are trying to give it a different color..


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