Unusually tough, lengthy math questions leave CBSE class XII students in tears


Hundreds of thousands of students across India have been left in tears because of the unusually tough math papers for CBSE class 12 exams.

Students found the papers incredibly tough as could be seen from their reactions.

Student Shreya in Chennai told The Hindu, “Concepts such as Linear Programming and Matrices which have generally got easy questions over the years had tough questions this time. Every question was tricky, as a result of which many of us found it tough to finish the paper on time and many students, including the top scorers in schools, were crying after the exam.”

Sanya Ahuja of Delhi told Times of India, “As I was walking down the corridor, I heard my classmates talking about how they hadn’t attempted 20 marks worth of questions. Some hadn’t attempted 40.

“The paper was slightly difficult. Even the one-mark questions weren’t straight forward. But the limited time made it incredibly hard. When the invigilator announced that one-hour and thirty-minutes were up (half time), I broke down.”

Some students alleged that this year’s questions did not follow the NCERT textbook.

Another student Isha Patel found the calculus part especially difficult. She hopes the examiners may show some leniency while checking the papers.

She said, “I have left about seven marks. We’ve been told that when CBSE sets a tough paper, checking is usually lenient. Let’s see.”


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