Unrest in IB: DMK Rajya Sabha MP, Kanimozhi bats for intelligence officers.


DMK Rajya Sabha MP Kanimozhi on Monday threw her weight behind those Intelligence Bureau officers, who’ve controversially been transferred en masse. Her support for the ‘angry’ IB officers came two days after Janta Ka Reporter carried a news on the unprecedented ‘mass transfer’ of the intelligence officers.Quoting the media report, the MP said, “More than 500 IB officers have been shunted out across the country. Several officers of IB, Tamil Nadu unit have also been transferred to Karnataka and vice versa.

“Gathering of intelligence is vital for national security and only the intelligence agencies, prevent many major fiascos. But transferring Tamil IB officers to Karnataka, where they do not know the local language Kannada is surprising.”

Citing media report Kanimozhi said that the major shuffle of IB officers in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu may have something to do with Karnataka state assembly elections. She expressed her shock that the central government had gone to the extent of utilising intelligence agencies for political purposes.Kanimozhi also urged Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh to reconsider the mass transfers in the interest of national security.

A report by Janta Ka Reporter on Saturday had quoted IB sources as saying that the BJP-led central government was not happy with the intelligence gathered by the IB officers in the Gujarat assembly polls, which say the saffron party’s tally reduce significantly.

Karnataka goes to polls in couple of months time and the BJP is desperate to wrest the power from the Congress, which appears to be in a strong footing under its current chief minister, Siddaramaiah.


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