In united opposition parties’ press conference, Rahul and Mamata want Modi’s resignation


In a landmark development as many as eight opposition parties got together address media on Tuesday to slam Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s demonetisation announcement.

Speaking to reporters at Delhi’s Constitution Club, the Congress’s vice president, Rahul Gandhi said, “PM should answer the nation, that what was the real motive of Demonetisation and what will he do for those affected by it? 30 December is about to come and the situation is the same. The motive of demonetisation has failed completely.”

Gandhi said that PM should answer the nation, that what was the real motive of demonetisation and actions he intended to take for those affected by it.

On Sheila Dikshit’s name surfacing in Sahara bribery case, he said that ‘PM should be the first person to say if I am facing allegations then there should be an inquiry. Sheila ji is ready for probe.’
 opposition parties

Among those joining the press conference was also the West Bengal chief minister, Mamata Banerjee, who said that the note ban was the biggest scam since independence.

She said, “Demonetisation is a mega scam, biggest one after independence. All opposition parties will make a common minimum agenda programme. Modi Ji ne kaha tha ache din aaenge, kya ye ache din ka namuna hai? Cashless ke naam pe Mogi government baseless hogaya, total face less hogaya.”

She said that the government under Modi had ‘totally destroyed’ the federal structure adding the prevailing situation not ’emergency, it is super emergency.’

She wondered if Modi will resign if ‘things remained unresolved’ even after 50 days, as promised by the prime minister to the nation.

(With ANI inputs)


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