Union Minister Prakash Javdekar faces social media roasting for allegedly equating Wayanad with Pakistan


Union Minister Prakash Javdekar on Wednesday lashed out at Congress leader Rahul Gandhi for his comments on Jammu and Kashmir. However, in his criticism for Gandhi, the senior BJP leader appeared to have displayed his open bigotry against Muslims.

While attacking Gandhi for his ‘things in Jammu and Kashmir are going very wrong,’ Javdekar demanded an apology from the Congress after Pakistan quoted Congress MP from Wayanad in its letter to the United Nations. Speaking to reporters, Javdekar said, “I think somebody winning from Wayanad also changes his mindset?”

Wayanad, which elected Gandhi in this year’s Lok Sabha polls with a huge margin, has a significantly large Muslim population. The topic had become hugely controversial after Prime Minister Narendra Modi first attempted to give a communal colour during one of his early election rallies in Maharashtra.

Addressing a rally in Mahrashtra’s Wardha, Modi had said, “They can run in whichever direction, but the Congress can never exonerate itself from this sin. Even Congress has realised that the country has decided to punish it. That’s why their leaders are leaving the battleground. That’s because Hindus have woken up. That’s why he (Rahul Gandhi) doesn’t have the courage to fight from a seat (Amethi) where Hindus are in majority. That’s why he’s forced to seek refuge in a constituency (Wayanad), where the majority community is in minority.”

Javdekar’s attempts to link Gandhi’s comments on Kashmir to the ‘mindset’ of Wayanad did not go down well with Twitterati. Many wondered if Javdekar had insulted the people of Kerala with his open bigotry.

Javdekar repeated his comments on Wayanad twice as he told reporters later in the press conference, ‘Wayanad se jeete to soch bhi badli. (His thinking has changed after he won from Wayanad).” However, when some reporters asked him if he was effectively insulting the people of Wayanad because a majority of the local population was Muslims, Javdekar clarified that there was nothing with the people of Wayanad.

Gandhi on Wednesday had lashed out at Pakistan accusing the country of promoting terrorism across the world.


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