Unidentified caller threatens veteran film maker Mahesh Bhatt, demands 50 lakh


An unidentified caller threatened veteran film maker Mahesh Bhatt. The caller demanded a sum of Rs 50 lakh to be deposited in a lucknow bank.

Failing to which, the caller said, would result into his wife Soni Razdan, and daughter Alia Bhatt’s death.

Image courtesy: filmibeat.com

As reported the call came on 26th Feb and was followed by a series of text and whatsapp messages . Earlier it was considered, someone playing a prank. But matter got serious as the caller claimed himself leader of a gang and threatened to fire round of bullets at daughter Alia and wife Soni.

Mahesh Bhatt filed an FIR for the safety of his family. The case was registered under section 387 (Causing to fear death for the sake of extortion.)

The following tweet from ANI confirmed that Mahesh Bhatt filed an FIR in Juhu police station against death threat.

Bhatt tweeted in the morning that the extortion attempt was stopped in its early stage.He thanked UP and MP police.

Watch here for our latest video update by Rifat Jawaid, editor in chief, Janta ka Reporter.





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